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Welcome to the Pandemonic Issues world! All info here!

Hi guys. My name is Ivan Dionizio, I'm from Sergipe - Brazil and I started developing my first game for real in August 2015, aiming for release on Windows/Linux and maybe in Android.

The name is Pandemonic Issues, and I'm designing it to be a Table-Top Turn-Based RPG, with its own mechanics. I'll be dividing info in sections with its own arts, so I hope you enjoy it.

The story is about a 9 year boy, named di0, who inconciously ends up appearing in a very dark and strange place. Only things he remembers is his own name and the very depressive sensation that comes from nowhere. When this time comes, that's nothing anyone can do, besides watch him starting crying while falling to the ground.

di0, the Depressive One

Here's a strange note found:

"Hi, that is di0. He's 9 years old, though he looks like younger due to his height.

Why does he have a purple hair, you ask me? I don't have that answer, but I believe time will be the only one to tell us …

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