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Think you won't regret anything this new year?

Top 4 budget tips to make your art on foot:

Simple sketching...

Not dead!

Little update

Game Visuals Update

hm... What the hell is that?

Getting back to work and...

How's it like developing PandemonicIssues while playing baby songs to entertain my li'l daughter

Progress Bar of Alpha Playable version now available!

Here is a gift for all of you!

[Bonus Image]

Tiny update: Finishing up some exciting di0 animations

1st image of Pandemonic Issues alpha version!

Today marks Pandemonic Issues 1 month anniversary! [Português abaixo]

Unkn real pronounciation + Alpha version is finally coming

Meet Unkn, the Schizophrenia in flesh and bones!

di0 goes to Hades!

Pandemonic Issues is a Tactical RPG! Teaser Image here!

Do you regret anything?

Time to reveal di0, the protagonist of Pandemonic Issues!

PANDEMONIC ISSUES is officially announced for Linux and Windows!