Saturday, December 31, 2016

Monday, December 19, 2016

Top 4 budget tips to make your art on foot:

1º - Get an unused printer and put it on the ground floor;
2º - Get your Tatsunoko Vs Capcom joystick box and put it on the 1st one!;
3º - Then finally put on your indie-life slave laptop.
4º - Be happy!


Saturday, November 26, 2016

Simple sketching...

Hi guys!

So, last sunday night, after a hard day of work, I decided to make a simple sketching.

I was done 1h30 later. Then I thought: "Why not add more details"

Oh guys... I'm happy to say this drawing turned into the Start Screen of the game! It's amazing [at least for me lol]! I'm adding details to it yet [yep, since last sunday], but I'm planning to finish it until tomorrow.

And ss u can see, Art is now 90%! So Alpha is getting near than ever!

I'm going to update you by here shortly. See ya!

Ivan Junior - Game Developer

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Not dead!

Just passing by to say I'm alive and working hard.
Now I'm drawing some important drawings/animations of initial stage.
Almost there!

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Little update

Hello, long time no see! Came here to justify my absence during these days.

Firstly, I'm developing Pandemonic Issues every. single. day. And I'd love to share all things I'm drawing/animating/programming as I do them, but I'd really love to show everything altogether and when it's ready to show. All in alpha version, for all of you to enjoy and play.

Please check the progress bar of Alpha Version right there ->

See you!

Ivan Jr

Monday, October 10, 2016

Game Visuals Update

As you've been following Pandemonic Issues news by here, some months ago I posted the first screenshot of the game.

Now the platform and chains are more detailed, so hope you like it!

Alpha's playable version is being developed everyday with all my heart and effort, so please, expect a good game :D

Be sure to follow the progress bar on the blog's middle-right side! It's really coming!

Friday, September 2, 2016

Progress Bar of Alpha Playable version now available!

Hello! If you want to know how the development of Pandemonic Issues' playable version is ongoing, I made available a progress bar on top right of this blog! Now you can expect for when the game is really coming out [alpha ver]!

As of the game, I'm finishing some very nice art, so expect to share with you guys soon!

Thank you!

Monday, August 1, 2016

Here is a gift for all of you!

Still remember this first poster of Pandemonic Issues?

That was where it all began!
And I'm so happy to share with you guys the very new version I finished today!

This one really gets the feeling of what the game's like! :D

Hope u like it! Keep following Eerie Nous for news about the Alpha Version!


Wednesday, July 27, 2016

[Bonus Image]

So, this image is a special one and I'd like to share this moment.

I'm kinda far away from my wife and daughter, and every father knows they're hard times.

So I did this painting with Unkn & di0 comforting me.


Here's the translation:

Unkn: "Don't be sad".
di0: "They'll come back, you'll see"

Hope you liked it!

Tiny update: Finishing up some exciting di0 animations

Days sure pass fast. Almost 2 months has passed without a update about the game.

Besides being a artist/programmer and making my game alone, I study at a university Computer System Information, I'm married and a dad :) So things are very challenging for now.

But let's talk about the game. Right now I'm very busy sketching some di0's animation.
Animating is very challeging, though. I expect to share more information with you soon.

So keep following Eerie Nous :]

Monday, June 13, 2016

1st image of Pandemonic Issues alpha version!

[Português abaixo]

So here it is! The 1st image of Pandemonic Issues alpha version!

This is when Depression meets Schizophrenia, in a dark story u will live :D!
So, what do you like most? di0? Unkn?

It's coming very soon!

For more information, please, follow me:


E aqui vai a 1ª imagem da versão alpha de Pandemonic Issues!

Isso é quando a Depressão encontra a Esquizofrenia, em uma história obscura que você irá viver em breve :D!

Muito em breve!

Para mais informações, me sigam:

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Today marks Pandemonic Issues 1 month anniversary! [Português abaixo]

That's right, a lot of work is being put to finish the alpha version and I came here just to celebrate it :)

If you lost Pandemonic Issues announcement+informations, I'll be putting right now the links you should read:

di0, The Depressive:

Hades + More information about di0:

Pandemonic Issues as a Tactical RPG game:

Unkn, The Schizophrenic:

How do I say Unkn's name?

Done. Hope you're excited about it!

For more information, please, follow me on Facebook and Twitter! :D


See ya!


Isso mesmo, estou trabalhando pesado para terminar a versão alfa e então vim celebrar!

Se você perdeu o anúncio ou informações sobre Pandemonic Issues, estarei colocando agora mesmo uns links que você precisa ler:

di0, O Depressivo:

Hades + Mais informações sobre di0:

Sobre Pandemonic Issues ser um RPG Tático

Unkn, O Esquizofrênico:

Como eu falo o nome de Unkn?

Pronto. Espero que estejam animados!

Para mais informações, por favor, sigam-me no Facebook e Twitter :D


Até mais! 

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Unkn real pronounciation + Alpha version is finally coming

"Say it right, or I'll break your bones"
 "Fale direito, ou quebrarei seus ossos"

Curiosity: Are you wondering how to pronounce Unkn's name?

Well, it's " Ún-ki " (in portuguese)

Here you can hear it:

You just have to press that sound button:

Unkn would appreciate very much if you make the entire human pests say his glorious name...

If you lost Unkn's announcement, here's the link:


Just wanted to remember that the reveal of the Unkn was the 'last' concept art before the reveal of the Alpha version of the game itself!

So, stay tuned!

Here are Eerie Nous' Facebook and Twitter accounts, so make sure to follow me! :)



Curiosidade: Você sabe como pronunciar o nome de Unkn?

É " Ún-ki ".

Caso queira ter certeza, você pode ouvir por aqui:

Unkn adoraria que você fizesse os pestes dos humanos falarem seu glorioso nome...

Deixando claro também que a versão Alpha é a próxima da lista, enfim. Fiquem ligados! :D

Segue aqui as contas do Facebook e Twitter da Eerie Nous, então sigam-me caso queiram mais informações :D


Saturday, April 23, 2016

Meet Unkn, the Schizophrenia in flesh and bones!

[Português abaixo]

"I'm going to eat your entrails, break your legs and arms and give them to the Devil, boy."

Meet Unkn, the Schizophrenia in flesh and bones!

He's a being who loves torture and got a tremendous hate of any human that passes in front of him.

Pandemonic Issues is coming to Linux and Windows.


"Vou comer suas entranhas, quebrar seus braços e pernas e dá-los para o Diabo, garoto." ...

Conheçam Unkn, a esquizofrenia em carne e osso.

Ele é um ser que ama a tortura e possui um ódio tremendo a qualquer humano que apareça em sua frente.

Pandemonic Issues será lançado em breve para Linux e Windows.


Monday, April 18, 2016

di0 goes to Hades!

 [Português abaixo]

Yep, that's right! Hades is the place where di0'll live this insane adventure in Pandemonic Issues!

di0 doesn't know who he is, nor where he came from, or what he does.

He doesn't like to speak, nor like to see.

The only thing he keeps is a depressive sensation, like something had hurt him, like something disturbed him. A spirit who possesses him.

He'll be in Hades and maybe there will get the answers for his questions which torment his head. I wonder if he'll do it?

Stay tuned in these next days!

Access EerieNous Facebook and Twitter for more information!



di0 vai para o Hades!

Isso mesmo, o Hades é o lugar onde di0 viverá esta sua insana aventura em Pandemonic Issues!

di0 não sabe quem é, de onde veio, ou o que faz.

Ele não gosta de falar e nem de olhar.

A única coisa que ele carrega consigo é uma sensação depressiva, como se algo o tivesse atingindo, como se algo o incomodasse. Um espírito que o possui.

Ele estará presente no Hades e lá talvez obterá as respostas para as suas perguntas que tanto atormentam a sua cabeça. Será que ele vai conseguir?

Fiquem ligados nesses próximos dias!

Acessem para mais informações meu Facebook e Twitter:


Friday, April 15, 2016

Pandemonic Issues is a Tactical RPG! Teaser Image here!

[Postagem em Português lá embaixo]

Hi guys, just posting an update here.

Way before the beginning of Pandemonic Issues' development, I had decided that I'd want to develop a Tactical RPG one.

So, P.I. came to life and I designed it for this fate.

And here's a teaser of what to expect from the very Alpha Version:

I'm happy to announce that this image won the Image of The Day award from GameDev website last night! :D

Here's the link:

Well, that's all for today. See u guys!

Ivan Junior - GameDev


Olá, tudo bom? Vim atualizá-los por agora!

Bem antes do início do desenvolvimento de Pandemonic Issues, eu havia decidido que eu queria desenvolvê-lo como um jogo Tático de RPG.

Então, P.I. veio à vida e eu o criei com esse destino em mente.

Fico feliz em também anunciar que essa imagem ganhou o título de Imagem do Dia num site super conhecimento mundialmente chamado GameDev na noite passada! :D

Aqui vai o link:
 E isso é tudo por hoje! Até mais!

Ivan Júnior - GameDev

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Do you regret anything?

[Português abaixo]

Just a little question. Do you?

According to dictionary, regretting is to feel sorrow or remorse for something.

For me, I don't feel like I regret something... Maybe I took the best decisions?

Follow me!

Apenas uma pequena pergunta? Você se arrepende?

De acordo com o dicionário, Arrepender-se é ter mágoa ou pesar dos erros ou faltas cometidas.

Não sinto que eu tenha me arrependido de algo. Talvez eu tenha tomado as melhores decisões? 


Monday, April 11, 2016

Time to reveal di0, the protagonist of Pandemonic Issues!

[Português abaixo]

So, the day finally has come. This is di0, the main character of my game, Pandemonic Issues.

What I can say now is that what strongly possesses him is a very depressing soul.

More details about the game in the following weeks!

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Então, o dia finalmente chegou. Este é di0, o personagem principal do meu game, Pandemonic Issues.

O que eu posso dizer agora é que, o que o fortemente possui, é uma alma extremamente depressiva.

Mais detalhes sobre o jogo nessas semanas!

Me sigam!

PANDEMONIC ISSUES is officially announced for Linux and Windows!

2015 April 5 post:
Postagem do dia 5 de Abril de 2015

[Português abaixo]

Logo's Placeholder (Não final)

You know what to expect from that name, huh?
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PANDEMONIC ISSUES é anunciado oficialmente para Linux e Windows!
Seu significado é, 'Problemas Pandemônicos'.
Vindo daí, já dá pra imaginar o que esperar deste título, não é mesmo?