Wednesday, November 22, 2017

I'm alive! And so the game!


Firstly, sorry for the long waiting.

Secondly, well, I've been busy spending my days as a dad of a 2y lovely girl, which is taking a lot of my time.

Third, my university. I do Major at Arts, so this is taking my time as well.

I'm keeping on developing Pandemonic Issues. A lot of drawing/animations are being made and I hope I'll be able to give you a demo to taste what the game is like.

Remember, get ready your Windows, Mac, Linux and maybe, maybe, Android & iOS as well.

So that's it, hope you all do well!

Ivan Dionizio - GameDev.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017


Hi and thank you for following this blog. It shows how much u are interested in this game project.

Ill be showing some Pandemonic Issues gameplay soon, so dont forget to follow this blog often!

See ya!

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Today marks the 1st anniversary of Pandemonic Issues development!

 What in the hell Unkn is holding?

Hi guys, how you doing?

1 year has passed. That time I was only a programmer. I didn't know how to draw properly. Since then, HARD days of work. Decided to pause college because I was so tired.

I chose my game instead. I chose to live in a book of dreams. And here I am, learned a lot from this time.

You know, I decided to prepare something to show about the game tonight. I spent the day and night drawing/animating with little time stops. Then I realized I'm a human being and need to rest. Otherwise I'm going to have a heart attack due to stress.

But I didn't waste my effort and time today. I've drawn an amazing animation for the game, but needs some final touches. So I'll be showing when alpha's out. All in one package.

I know I'm being a very uncommon type of game developer. Showing almost nothing about my game. Looks like I'm not developing a game at all!

But that's the idea. I want you to not just play the game. I want you to LIVE it. That's why I need you to see all about the game, in the game. All main arts, all main animations. I'm working hard everyday and night by myself to deliver this experience only to you.

Deal? As a little gift, I leave u with a new Unkn draw I made on my Celphone while I was out. Wonder what he's holding??

I'll see you soon!

Ivan Dionízio

Friday, March 24, 2017

Heart still beating

Hi guys, long time no see. This month has been hard. A lot of drawings and animation are ready. Programming's going well. Hope to come with news soon!

Tuesday, February 28, 2017


"What's going to happen next? I don’t have any friends..."

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Now dealing with programming!

Hi, just a little message to tell I'm now at programming phase :D

Game is going well! I'm now developing cross-platform, so I'll be bringing the game for both Windows and Linux, so keep up watching my posts. See ya!

Friday, January 6, 2017

Welcome to Discord Zone

[English below]

Não preciso falar nada né :D
A versão jogável de Pandemonic Issues está chegando!!!!!


So obvious I don't even have the need to talk about it, do I?
The playable version of Pandemonic Issues is coming guys!!!!

Portuguese Translation:
"We're in Discord Zone, where Devil watch our battle on cabin!"

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Unkn, the Schizophrenic one

Image ready for download at 1080p!

I'm going to eat your entrails, break your legs and arms and give them to the Devil, boy."

Meet Unkn, the Schizophrenia in flesh and bones!

He's a being who loves torture and got a tremendous hate if a human gets near him. He's Hades' most feared being.

If you're unluck to meet him, stop, there's nothing more to do. Surrender. You'll be dismembered in 3 parts, each one in 6 seconds. While you're agonizing, you'll still notice his satisfaction laugh"


"Vou comer suas entranhas, quebrar suas pernas e braços e dá-los para o Diabo, garoto."

Conheça Unkn, a Esquizofrenia em carne e ossos!

Ele é um ser que ama a tortura e odeia caso um humano chegue por perto. Ele é o ser mais temido de Hades.

Se você por acaso tiver o azar de encontrá-lo, pare, não há mais nada a ser feito. Desista. Você será desmembrado em 3 partes, em 6 segundos cada. Enquanto você estiver agonizando, ainda perceberá seu riso de satisfação."

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

1080p Wallpapers

Hi all! Working hard on the game. While I'm in here, I'm making available all images from Pandemonic Issues available for you to download on Deviantart in 1080p:

See you soon!

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

di0, the Depressive One


"Hi, that is di0. The protagonist of Pandemonic Issues. He's 9 years old, though he looks like younger due to his height.

Why does he have a purple hair, you ask me? I don't have that answer, but I believe time will be the only one to tell us about.

di0 knows nothing else about him, but knows how to write his own name with a 0. That seems important to him. Curiously, he refuses to talk and opening his eyes, I just don't know what to do anymore.

But it's his sudden and severe crysis what worries me more, as if something have been completely taking him for 'good'

I do remember seeing sometimes a black aurea surrounding him and...

Hm? I... I......... NOOOO!


I need help! - Eaf"

Pandemonic Issues alpha playable version coming soon.


"Oi! Este é di0. O protagonista de Pandemonic Issues. Ele tem 9 anos de idade, apesar de aparentar ser mais novo, por causa de sua altura.
Por que ele tem cabelo roxo, você me pergunta? Não sei te responder, mas acredito que o tempo será o único capaz de nos falar.

di0 não sabe mais nada sobre ele, a não ser sempre escrever o seu nome com um 0 no final, isso lhe parece importante. Curiosamente, também recusa-se à falar e a abrir seus olhos, ja não sei mais o que fazer.

Mas o que mais me preocupa são as suas crises repentinas e severas, como se algo tivesse-o tomando por completo. Algo... Muito, muito ruim. Não sei explicar o que, mas ele chora, cai e grita como se algo possuisse-o, e estivesse maltratando-o por completo.

Lembro de ter visto uma áurea negra algumas vezes arrodeando ele e...

Hum? Eu.. Eu...... NÃÃOO..!


Preciso de ajuda! - Eaf "

Monday, January 2, 2017

[OFF] Pain Liberation


Though it doesn't refer to the game I'm working on, this is a piece of art I finished tonight.

Pain Liberation
Days goes by, agony hurts you,
Days goes by, expectations deceive you.
Days goes by, friend comfort you.
Days goes by, soul cries out.
Days goes by, decision comes.
Days goes by, indecision annoyings you.
Days goes by, truth shows up.
Days goes by, courage acts on.
Days goes by. liberation comes up.

Days will pass, however chains will still hurt you, though you're doing the right thing. You will rise up.


Dias passam, a agonia maltrata.
Dias passam, a esperança ilude.
Dias passam, o amigo te consola.
Dias passam, a alma chora.
Dias passam, a decisão chega.
Dias passam, a indecisão incomoda.
Dias passam, a verdade mostra.
Dias passam, a coragem age.
Dias passam, a libertação chega.

Dias passarão, e a corrente ainda lhe machucará, apesar de estar fazendo o certo. Você se reerguerá.