Wednesday, July 27, 2016

[Bonus Image]

So, this image is a special one and I'd like to share this moment.

I'm kinda far away from my wife and daughter, and every father knows they're hard times.

So I did this painting with Unkn & di0 comforting me.


Here's the translation:

Unkn: "Don't be sad".
di0: "They'll come back, you'll see"

Hope you liked it!

Tiny update: Finishing up some exciting di0 animations

Days sure pass fast. Almost 2 months has passed without a update about the game.

Besides being a artist/programmer and making my game alone, I study at a university Computer System Information, I'm married and a dad :) So things are very challenging for now.

But let's talk about the game. Right now I'm very busy sketching some di0's animation.
Animating is very challeging, though. I expect to share more information with you soon.

So keep following Eerie Nous :]